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Life is hard. Sometimes we make it harder.

People around you see you as the bright, creative and accomplished person that you are… but on the inside, it feels like you’re barely holding it together. You feel sad, anxious and overwhelmed.

Life is just not how you thought it “should be”. 

Even though things seem okay on the outside, they feel messy and unsettled on the inside.

You have developed coping habits that may include overworking, overthinking or worrying too much … and none of these things bring you the true warmth and connection you crave. You feel the pain of the world, but sense you are often missing out on the joy and the beauty it holds. It is puzzling that others seem to so easily skate on the surface of life, while you feel as though you are struggling within its depths. Even if you do have a strong connection to a faith tradition, which may help keep your head above water, your relationship with it is not easy. 

You have a niggling feeling that something is wrong … with the world, with you, with how you perceive and relate to things. Something just feels wrong.

I don’t have easy answers … and I’m not here to “fix you” (because you don’t need to be fixed).  You are the expert in your life and my role is to help you discover your own inner wisdom. I bring a wealth of life experiences, training, and heart awareness to our sessions. Through our encounters I will help you deepen your perspectives and expand your awareness. 

You can learn to connect to your own soul’s wisdom to help you navigate your unique life’s journey.

In our sessions together, we will explore mind-body-heart centered awareness to help you discover what your heart already knows. We begin with weekly sessions in which you will learn how to bring awareness and attention to your knowing heart, your thinking mind, and your sensing body.

You are in the driver’s seat.

As you become more comfortable and confident in your awareness, we will begin to explore some of the stories you carry and some of the existential questions or anxieties you hold. Safety is always first in determining how quickly or deeply we explore your experiences. 

Once we find a rhythm together and the work begins to unfold, spreading sessions out to twice a month can allow time between sessions to ponder and integrate what you’ve learned. After some time, it may be sufficient to meet once a month. Together we will discern how often and how long to continue these encounters.    

You will know when our work together is complete.

No matter how long we work together, and how far you come in your life’s journey, life will still hold love and loss, pain and beauty, awe and wonder. You may still not be able to figure it all out but you will more easily be able to integrate your experiences and be fully present. By the time our work together is complete, you will be able to engage this amazing life journey with clarity, strength, and compassion – and perhaps even some joy

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I offer SoulWise Listening and Spiritual Direction to clients across Canada, the US, and internationally. All services are offered virtually at this time.

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